This has been a big project. Reading about and following the record setting flights of Mayanrd Hill has been one of my most enduring interests in R/C. As far back as 1970, I read about his 11 hour endurance flight. The key to his success has always been his ability to get incredible fuel mileage from model airplane engines.

My work on the O.S. FS-61 has been done to try to duplicate Maynard’s success. I designed and built my own CDI ignition system along with engine modifications to run on gasoline-based fuel. I have successfully completed several continuous runs exceeding 24 hours. During these runs, I used a PC-based data acquisition system to monitor the engine parameters.

This engine will be used in my endurance model, the #11 - although I may never be able to set a world record, I hope that I can achieve a personal duration record of at least 8 hours.