A Letter From My Son...

What you see before you is the finest Christmas gift I have ever received, and it means so much to me!

For almost 7 years I have been using (daily) a vacuum tube stereo amplifier to drive my
Moth Audio “Cicada” loudspeakers, which are a paper cone full-range driver system - very simple, and they suit my tastes perfectly. The tube amp I’m using wasn’t store bought - it was hand made by my father, who, as an electronic engineer, has the great skill needed to do such a thing.

With original vacuum tubes he already possessed and a lifetime of knowledge, he created something equal to or better than a piece of equipment that an “audiophile” would pay thousands of dollars for... and now he’s done it again.

For years, we have talked about building a small iPod stereo with a tube based amplifier. Many manufacturers out there are creating
similar products, but they can cost anywhere from $300, $1000, or even $4000 or more.

Dad, I hope that even one person will happen upon this page and appreciate your project and the years of enjoyment it will give me. Although I can’t pass on your knowledge, patience, or skill - I hope that if I have a son someday, I can pass this stereo, and the appreciation of it, onto him.



Click to download the original circuit description, which I gave to my son at Christmas.